Anelia Crawford

Fine Art

Nature, life's cathedral, fuels Anelia's passion for art.  From an early age, the creative spirit has been her guiding light.  She loves expressing the subtleties of the color and the light values in her subjects.  A professional career in engineering influences her realism technique. Anelia is a member of the Oil Painters of America, the Southeast Pastel Society and the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club in NYC. Her work "Recovery", has been included on the website  and at the Counseling Center at Georgia Institute of Technology to encourage and support those struggling with this condition. "Recovery" represents her own recovery from the loss of her career as an engineer, due to the economy crash of 2008.

"Crowded Beach", Honorable Mention, May 2015, Artist Members Exhibition, The Art Station, Stone Mountain, Ga.
"Recovery", Honorable Mention, October 2014, Artist Members Exhibition, The Art Station, Stone Mountain, Ga.
"Cayo Costa, Beach, FL." Artistic Merit Award, and Peoples Choice Award, Sixth Annual St. Augustine Nature and Wildlife Art Exhibition (an international competition).
Honorable Mention, 2014 Artist Members Exhibition, The Hudgens Center for the Arts
"Tree on the Beach", Honorable Mention, February 2014, Artist Members Exhibition, The Art Station, Stone Mountain, Ga.

Image Narratives:
"Falling Tear": Nature never ceases to awe. It humbles and teaches me. Most of my subjects are representations of nature. This piece depicts the sadness from gun violence.  It makes the mountains weep.

"A Heart Revealed": Concentric hearts drawn in the sand by the ocean's waves. A heart revealed by peeling back the skin.  What is at the center of your heart revealed?

"Tree Culvert": Venturing off the path, at Lake Winfield Scott State Park in Georgia, I came upon a culvert under the trail. As a civil engineer, I have designed many hydraulic features which require specific parameters. The simplicity, of using a hollowed out log without regard to design or the regulating agency’s scrutiny, was humorous and refreshing. As I paint, a lesson from nature emerges from the work. "Tree Culvert" shows an entity who is unaware of the water running through itself. It is written that, "If good goes through us, we should not be aware of it. It is His Grace that is working. We are mere pipes".

 ''Crowded Beach" symbolizes the reaction of the Ocean to its relentless destruction by humanity and to the destruction of its creatures. The driftwood, with flinging limbs, shows faces of complacency and horror, and also the  face of Wisdom, knowing that the Ocean will one day recover, as Nature does. It is realism of Nature's abstract; it is black and white, but not. God beautifies everything in Nature, ..... or not.

"Recovery" starts with the face of devastation, there is nothing but the pain. The tree represents holding on in spite of constant struggle. The blue figure shows that life after recovery is a walk on the beach. The Milky Way in the lower right corner indicates the future, yet unknown to the figure.

"Together We Rise" illustrates that we come from the Ocean and that after our evolutionary period, we rise into the Light. It also suggests that humanity is one family. Our biological Eve is one woman from Africa.
August Wilson wrote in his last play, "Gem of the Ocean", "In time we all come into the Light".

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